Why The 2020 Wellington Home and Interiors Show is Going to Be Better Than Ever
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Why The 2020 Wellington Home and Interiors Show is Going to Be Better Than Ever

The Home and Interiors Show in Wellington is back again for 2020! If you’re thinking you got all you could get out of home renovation shows from last year’s one, think again. This year is going to be better than it’s ever been before, and we are very excited to let you in on some sneak peeks of what the show will have in store. Let’s dive straight in!

A Brand-New Location

This year, the Wellington Home and Interiors Show will be housed once again in the Lower Hutt Events Centre at Laings Road, Lower Hutt. Opened in mid-2018, the building is part of Hutt City Council’s plan to rejuvenate and revitalise Lower Hutt as it continues to grow. It follows the modernist design that is consistent around Lower Hutt, with an interior that is made up of two large interconnected rooms plus a large atrium. This multi-purpose conference building is a massive new development for Lower Hutt, comfortably accommodating over a thousand people.

A benefit of the new space is that it is adjoined to the Heritage Town Hall building, which has been recently restored. The famous clock tower is still a feature of the space as well, having been made earthquake-proof during the restoration process. As the icing to the cake, the Lower Hutt Events Centre stands right by the Riddiford Gardens, making this a beautiful location that we’re incredibly lucky to have for the show. It’s the perfect space to showcase some of the country’s top interior design and home improvement brands.

A Huge Range of Exciting Exhibits

It wouldn’t be the Home and Interiors Show without our amazing exhibits. This year, the line-up is especially massive. We are proud to offer only the highest quality exhibitors this year that cover a huge range of products and services. Our exhibitors are what makes the show spectacular, and we are very lucky to have such a great community of local, national and international brands for 2020.

Something special on top of the usual exhibits that we are setting up for this year’s show is a series of seminars. Watch this space for more information on who you could get to hear speak about your favourite home and interior products. There will be seminars on design, property, as well as building and renovating – you won’t want to miss out on these exclusive talks.

Get Your Home & Interiors Wellington Show Tickets Today

If you were thinking about coming to the Wellington Home & Interiors show, we can’t think why you would ever decide not to after reading all the exciting things it has to offer! What’s more, we are offering two-for-one tickets! It’s never been easier to get your Wellington Home & Interiors tickets now!


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