Heat Street at Home & Interiors
Camilla Railton / Sunday, 14 March 2021 / Categories: News, Wellington Show

Heat Street at Home & Interiors

This years show has a fantastic variety of exhibitors showcasing heating, ventilation, insulation and energy options for your home or business.   With the Winter months soon approaching homeowners are starting to think of ways to improve the comfort and warmth of their homes.  Those with investment properties also need to ensure that rental properties meet the insulation and heating standards. 


Our exhibitors look at all aspects such as building a home which takes heating, energy, ventilation into account and then also those who are able to assist with renovations and older homes which can be modified or adapted to better withstand the cold during winter whilst ensuring it is cool in summer.    Heating and insulation can be considered in relation to your flooring, walling, roofing, windows and also heating and cooling units in the home.


A brief overview of our exhibitors in this area include AAA Insulation (CosyWall and insulation products), Izodom (passive build), HRV (heating pumps, ventilation, cooling, evo power), Eco Green Homes (green homes), DVS (home ventilations and heat transfer systems), RCR (air conditioning, refrigeration, electrical, solar), The Gas Hub (connecting to natural gas), Insulation & Ventilation Wellington (Premier insulation), Euroblade Heater (Infrared heater for indoor / outdoor), Central Heating (radiators, underfloor heating, towel rails), Warmup (Underfloor heating).  


Each of these exhibitors bring years of expertise in the area so be sure to head through to the show next weekend 19-21 March and find out more about the best heating solution for your home. 

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