How to Make the Most Out of the 2021 Home & Interiors Show
Christine Neil / Friday, 5 February 2021 / Categories: News, Wellington Show

How to Make the Most Out of the 2021 Home & Interiors Show

So, you’re thinking about doing some renovations to keep your home up to scratch in the booming property market? Or maybe you, like many other Hutt City dwellers, are joining the Building Boom by starting fresh with a new home. Whatever project you’ve got going on, we’re sure you’re aware that the 2021 Home & Interiors Show is the perfect place to find all the home renovation ideas, inspiration and expertise you need.

But let’s face it – there is so much to see, and even more to take in that it can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve compiled this helpful guide to remind you to tick off all the things you need to do on the day so you can make the most out of your time at this year’s Wellington home show!

Talk Face-To-Face with Specialists

This is your chance to get in front of all the people that have the knowledge to help you with any DIY task you may be currently stuck on, so make the most of it! You’ve probably spent a bit of time on the internet, trying to type your dilemmas into a search engine and coming up with little to no relevant results. At this year’s Home and Interiors Show, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to communicate person-to-person with an expert who is much more likely to have accurate answers to your queries.

Before you head out to the show, make a list of all the specialists you think you will need to speak to and what you need to ask them. This way, you’re much less likely to forget what you were supposed to say, and you can stay on track of what you really need to do throughout the day. If it means time well-spent and that you won’t go home kicking yourself because you didn’t get all the value you needed to out of the day, this is a great idea in our books.

Bring Along Your Plans

If you want to gain the most value you possibly can from the 2021 Home and Interiors Show, bring along as much information and visuals for whatever home improvement jobs you are currently working on or want to start working on soon. This can mean blueprints, plans, photos, fabrics, paint swatches, or any other visuals you may have.

Bringing these visuals along can really help when you’re face-to-face with experts as they can provide you with accurate advice. If there is something you are particularly stuck on – whether it be an engineering complication or a lack of decorating inspiration – bringing along the visual elements is going to be much more effective than trying to describe what shade of green your lamp is that you need to match.

Compare Great Brands

Believe us when we say that all your favourite design and home decor brands will be at this year’s Home and Interiors Show. Not only that – all their competitors will be as well. This means that you’ll get a unique chance to be able to have a look at a huge range of great brands and compare them all under one roof to make educated decisions about your purchases.

A great way to do this is by talking to a range of competing brands, learning out about their products and take notes, and finding out if they have any special promotions for the day or unique selling points. Once you have this information from all your prospective providers, it can make decision making a lot easier.

Learn from the Experts

Big news – this year’s show is set to have a series of seminars! It means you’ll get to hear design advice, building, renovating and property tips straight from esteemed professionals. It will be incredibly valuable to attend at least one of these, especially if you’re only focusing on particular home improvement aspects. Stay tuned to find out what seminars will be running at which times in advance, so you don’t miss out!

Have a Great Time at the 2021 Home & Interiors Show in Wellington

There is always going to be plenty to see and do at the Home and Interiors Show, so ultimately, no matter how you spend your time there, it’s sure to be a valuable experience. The key is to be prepared and then let yourself soak in all the excitement so that you can have a great, productive day!

Hopefully, this post has made you feel a little more prepared than you were before, but if you would like to find more information about this year’s show, head to our Wellington Show page for everything you need to know. 


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