Paul Milne - Roofs, leaks, repair and paint!
Camilla Railton / Tuesday, 19 March 2024 / Categories: News, Wellington Show, Exhibiting

Paul Milne - Roofs, leaks, repair and paint!

Paul Milne Roofing provides comprehensive roofing and building maintenance services for the greater Wellington area. 

They do Residential, commercial and industrial work – including roof repair, paint, maintenance, leak identification and repair. 

They provide a full roof renovation service, as well as many other services such as waterproofing and painting.

You can extend the life of your existing roof at a fraction of the price of a new roof and save $1000’s. 

They take pride in giving customers roofing and building solutions, tailored to meet their needs from leaks, painting to pre-purchase roof inspections.

Meet the Paul Milne team at the Home & Interiors Show this week, 22-24 March, for information and expertise on all your roofing requirements!


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