Why Do People Love Trade Fairs and Home Shows?
Christine Neil / Friday, 27 September 2019 / Categories: News, Wellington Show

Why Do People Love Trade Fairs and Home Shows?

Exclusives and New Releases

One of the main reasons people love home shows is because businesses often choose to use home shows as a chance to give attendees a peek at a future product, or a chance to grab an exclusive product or part of a limited range! This exclusivity is exactly why so many trade fairs and home shows will reach capacity, as it’s a major drawcard for those of us who hunt for exclusives and want to take advantage of Show Specials! 

Another thing businesses do is use a home show to release a new range of products – for example, at Home & Interiors Wellington 2020, exhibitors will be spanning traditional kitchen designs to more modern designs, their ranges are a key example of the kinds of things that bring people to home shows!

Meeting and Talking to Experts

All trade fairs guarantee attendees the chance to meet professional experts in their field, who all will have a wealth of knowledge about their specific topic. Meeting these experts and getting to chat with them can be a great opportunity for us to discuss our specific projects one on one, as they can pass along top tips and expert advice that would be hard to come by otherwise. Learning from them is always a highlight and a major drawcard when we head along to a trade show!

At Home & Interiors 2020, as well as manning their stalls throughout the weekend, experts on home renovation and interior design will be speaking all day every day as part of the speaker series running at the event, sponsored by Resene. Attendees have the chance to hear these speakers talk about subjects on which they are experts, and can chat to them individually to get more insights or ask questions about any aspect of renovation, construction or interior design.

Prizes and Other Goodies

Once you walk in the door at a home show, you know there’s no doubt that you’ll be leaving with more than you currently have. Whether it’s free samples of some product or other, a goodie bag packed full of surprises, or even a prize that you’ve won, there’s no doubt that you’re going to be heading home with a huge smile on your face and something exciting in your hands.

Entering prize draws is a huge part of the fun of these kinds of fairs and shows, and at Home & Interiors Wellington 2020 it’s no different, as you can enter the prize draw for our huge HomePrize prize package, which is currently valued at over $30,000 and counting, as more businesses add in their products or services to sweeten the pot for the lucky winner.

Home & Interiors 2020 will be held from Friday 27th to Sunday 29th March, at the Lower Hutt Events Centre, Laings Road.

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