Style your home with McKenzie & Willis!

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Furnish your home with beautiful curtains & blinds.  McKenzie & Willis have an extensive range of fabric sampling for curtains sourced from top New Zealand & international design houses such as Designers Guild, James Dunlop & Sanderson to name just a few. 

They also have a gorgeous range of quality bed linen which includes all of the latest and most popular designs from Bianca Lorenne, MM Linen, Sheridan and more.

Find out more about stying your home with curtains and fabrics at their presentation the in the seminar programme, 12.30 daily. 

Visit the McKenzie & Willis stand at the HOME & INTERIORS SHOW, 14-16 July, TSB Arena to explore these beautiful collections and get expertise and advice for your home decoration project. 

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Sleeptime luxury adjustable beds

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The Sleeptime adjustable bed base is great for people who need to sleep in an elevated position due to a medical condition, and also a perfect fit for those who just want to take advantage of the lifestyle benefits of having an adjustable bed. 

Your head, and feet can be raised and lowered using the convenient wireless remote control, while the vibration massage unit adds a soothing comfort like no other.

The mattress is what dreams are made of!  The expertly crafted high density memory foam ensures absolute comfort. 

Sleeptime also have a superb weighted blanket.  The outer layer is constructed from bamboo viscose which is naturally hypoallergenic, permeable and softer than cotton, making it perfect for those with sensitive skin.

See their beautiful range of beds at the Wellington HOME & INTERIORS SHOW, 14-16 July, TSB Arena.

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Innovation in Kitchen Design - Hafele Seminar and Showroom

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The way we are designing homes is constantly changing.

Combining efficient, and flexible living solutions to provide comfort, convenience, and functionality….all while looking beautiful too.

Hafele is the world leader in innovative kitchen fittings and architectural hardware providing clever storage systems for the kitchen, flexible living solutions for multi-use areas, and innovative technology through every room in your home.

Come and hear more about what you should consider when planning your kitchen, living areas, wardrobes and more and visit the mobile showroom trailer at the show!

Presented by the talented Belle Bourne and Hafele.

Home & Interiors Show, 14-16 July, TSB Arena, Wellington 

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INTERIOR DESIGN TRENDS - Seminar with Debra DeLorenzo

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Debra DeLorenzo is a specialist Wellington interior designer who has transformed design philosophy into an art form. Sought after to create fabulous spaces around the world, Debra's flair for interior design is recognised in the countless kitchen and bathroom design awards she has won.

We are delighted to have Debra present in our seminar programme: 

Interior Design Trends

From timber floors to wallpaper. From minimal to eclectic.

Debra De Lorenzo of One Ranfurly Ltd will take your through the interior design process to make your home fabulous.

Using actual local examples Debra will show you how to turn your house into a home.  Seminars are 1pm daily. 

Home & Interiors Show, TSB Arena, 14-16 July, Wellington. 

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Enviro Solutions provide practical solutions to complex asbestos, and asbestos related projects in and around the greater Wellington area. 

You may be planning a renovation and concerned about removing asbestos or looking a buy a property and need to find out if there are any asbestos issues. 

Enviro Solutions are able provide professional advice based on their experience and qualifications to minimise your costs without compromising health and safety.

If you have any questions about asbestos speak to the team at the HOME & INTERIORS SHOW, 14-16 July, TSB Arena. 

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