Wall Insulation Without Renovation for a cosy home this Winter!

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Insulmax is New Zealand’s largest and leading retrofit wall insulation specialist creating more energy-efficient warmer, drier, quieter and more comfortable places to live - all year round. 

Whatever type of home you own, Insulmax can insulate the walls through all kinds of common cladding or interior lining without costly, messy and time-consuming renovations.  

Tight or inaccessible ceilings are also easy to insulate with Insulmax.

If you have an existing home that needs insulation speak to the friendly team at the Insulmax stand at the Wellington HOME & INTERIORS Show, 22-24 March 2024, TSB Arena. 



Central Heating for whole-home heating this winter

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Central heating brings you whole-home heating in which warm water circulates through a closed network of pipes, carrying heat around the home. 

These pipes can lead to radiators or they can be laid in the floor for underfloor heating. It is not uncommon to have a combination both radiators and underfloor heating.

There are a range of products from the invisible underfloor heating to radiators, heat pumps and boilers etc.  A Central Heating New Zealand design engineer will tailor the heat requirements of your home and provide you with the ideal customised solution. 

Check out the clever Nest Thermostat that learns every time you adjust the temperature and after a few days, it will adjust your system for you automatically.

Meet up with the Central Heating Team at the Wellington HOME & INTERIORS Show, 22-24 March 2024 and find out more about their fantastic heating solutions for your home.

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Sentinel Pest control solutions for your home and business

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Sentinel Pest Control are non toxic with and absolutely safe around people and their pets.  

The Electronic pest control unit is unobtrusive and uses no insecticides, traps or poisons, yet is powerful enough to effectively repel insects and rodents.  

The product philosophy is all about advancing human health and protecting the environment.  

Sentinel handle mosquitoes cockroaches, flies, and rodents in small or large premises, inside and out. 

Visit the Sentinel Pest Control Stand at the Wellington HOME & INTERIORS Show, 22-24 March 2024 TSB Arena for pest control solutions for your home and business. 


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Speak to the experts in covered outdoor living areas at the Wellington HOME & INTERIORS Show!

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Are you looking to add space and value to your home entertaining areas?

Shades Direct bring you a versatile and complete range of shade solutions so you can sit outside and enjoy time with the family and friends and expand your entertaining and living space.

You also get to deal directly with the person that does the whole job; from the design and quote right through to the installation.

  • Clearspan canopies and awnings
  • Folding arm awnings
  • Shade sails
  • Outdoor screens

We are really excited to have the Shades Direct owners at the Wellington HOME & INTERIORS Show, TSB Arena, 22-24 March 2024. 

Come speak to the team and find out more about these fantastic products for your home. 



HRV for a warm, healthy and well ventilated Home

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HRV home ventilation fills your home with drier, filtered air, reducing moisture and the conditions mould needs to grow. 

As drier air needs less energy to heat, a home with HRV home ventilation is easier to keep warm too.

And even when the weather heats up, HRV’s filter system filters dust, pollen and other common allergens from the air your family breathes.

Speak to the team about ventilation for your home at Wellington HOME & INTERIORS SHOW, 22-24 March 2024, TSB Arena, Wellington.






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