Beautiful Vertical Gardens!
Camilla Railton / Wednesday, 8 November 2023 / Categories: News, Wellington Show, Exhibiting

Beautiful Vertical Gardens!

Vertically Challenged’s vertical gardens are a customised solution to enhancing spaces that are too small or otherwise unsuited to in-ground gardens. They beautify ugly fences or concrete patios, and their self-watering design is perfect for those who don’t have time or are physically unable to care for traditional gardens.  You can hang pots of colourful flowers or grow nutritious vegetables on these versatile screens and can train vines up them or espalier trees across them. 

Developed by Vicki Payne who is a local landscape gardener the stylish screens provide a solution for many people who live in apartments, townhouse, smaller sections or are looking at ways to enhance spaces into beautiful lush gardens. 

The screens are custom made and fitted to the available space and there are a range of options to choose from with galvanized, stainless steel or powder coated screen options.  The materials used mean that these screens won’t break or warp and come in a range of profiles to suit your décor.  

Come meet Vicki and see this exciting new product at the Home & Interiors Show, 22-24 March 2024, TSB Arena.

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